Cut Your Electric Bills up to 50% Turning Energy into a Competitive Advantage

Stop Paying too Much for Power

Customer Profile

We serve large industrial and commercial customers who have megawatt scale power demand loads.

Customer Types

Commercial, industrial, education, & agriculture customers with electric bills over $100,000 per month.


Puerto Rico & California


Our reliable power generation systems eliminate the expensive cost of electric utility blackouts.

Strong Customer Value Proposition

Cuts customer power bills up to 50% over 25 years with a 10 year buyout.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Solar PV, Energy Storage, Gas Linear and CHP generators, LED Lighting, Energy Efficiency

We work with potential customers to complete a free “No Obligation” evaluation of your energy usage and power reliability requirements to determine how you can transition from being energy dependent on an unreliable bankrupt utility to achieving competitive advantages and significant savings through self-generation using a microgrid.

How We Work

We build, own, and operate a microgrid supplying 100% of the customer’s electric demand and cover all fuel, operations, and maintenance expenses.

We use components from Tier 1 vendors and competitively bid top 20 EPC contractors with strong balance sheets to reduce risk.

Construction is completed in 6-12 months depending on the scale of the project.

3-month security deposit.

Customers pay a monthly bill equal to 95% of their average electric bill at the time the system is commissioned.

3% annual price escalator.

25-year contract term with a buy out after year 10.