Terms of Our Microgrid Program

  1. After the Customer Signs the Contract, We Complete the Financing Process, Confirm the Customer’s Credit, and Secure 100% of All Required Financing Before Starting Construction
  2. Construction Typically Takes 6-12 Months Depending on the Scale of the Project.
  3. We Build, Own, and Operate Your Microgrid Supplying 100% of Your Electric Demand and Cover All Fuel, Operations, and Maintenance Expenses
  4. Customer Provides a Security Deposit at the Start of Construction Equal to 95% of Three Months of Electric Bills
  5. Customers Pay a Monthly Bill Equal to 95% of their Average Electric Bill At the Time the System is Commissioned.
  6. 3% Annual Price Escalator
  7. 25 Year Contract Term With a Buy Out Option After Years 10
  8. After the Buy Out, the Customer Owns the Project LLC that Owns the System, Assumes the LLC’s Debt, and is Responsible for its Fuel, Operations, and Maintenance.
  9. Customers without A or Higher Rated Credit May be Required to Pay for Credit Enhancement